World-class traditional espresso machines

A professional espresso machine brings theatre to your venue combined with elegant design.

La Spaziale was chosen for use at the UK Barista Championships, which makes it the perfect partner to our own blends of world-class coffee beans. The range from La Spaziale offers reliability alongside simple operation and maintenance. Consistency is their forte through the 53mm group basket and with a patented heat exchanger, which works by heating the group water with steam, temperature at the group is always maintained.

Whether you prefer to grind your own beans or benefit from the convenience of pre-ground coffee that’s ready to go, our La Spaziale machines ensure each cup is as satisfying as the last. Take a look at our full range here.

It takes skill to produce a barista-quality coffee which is why we’ll also provide the training required to ensure your team can develop their knowledge, and consistently produce an unforgettable espresso. Find out more on our Support page here.

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