Tea to match our high quality coffee

If tea is your thing then we’ve got this covered too. We’ve found people who know as much about tea as we know about coffee.

MorBeans Coffee Company are national stockists and suppliers of the aromatic Birchall Tea range. From punchy black teas to colourful fruit and herbal infused blends, there’s something to suit every mood and occasion.

“Our teas are sourced exclusively from estates across East Africa, from Rwanda through to the Rift Valley in Kenya, where the very best teas are to be found. In this region the tea bushes grow slowly, at high altitude and relatively low temperatures, developing greater flavour before they are individually picked.”

– Birchall Teas

Great Rift

Breakfast Blend

Virunga Earl Grey

For Anytime

Green Tea

Purifying & Restorative

Staff Favourite

Green Tea & Peach

Floral & Cleansing


Soothing & Delicate

Lemongrass & Ginger

Lively & Spicy

Organic Redbush

Sweet & Earthy


Fresh & Invigorating

Red Berry & Flower

Fruity & Refreshing

Great Rift Decaf

Decaffeinated Breakfast Tea

Virunga Afternoon Tea

Elegant & Refreshing