Wild Survivors

In addition to our Rainforest Alliance Certified™ blends, MorBeans is committed to protecting endangered elephants through our conservation partnership with Wild Survivors. If the current decline in elephant population continues, they could be extinct by 2025!

For every kilo of MorBeans coffee sold, we will be donating to the charity to help support a working method reducing conflict between people and elephants with a low-tech solution to elephant crop-raiding: Beekeeping! 

This amazing charity aims to reduce conflict between elephants and farmers in Tanzania by installing a unique beekeeping method. This environmentally friendly solution preserves crops and protects elephants, creating harmony between farmers and vulnerable species. 

We’re really excited to be involved in such an important charity, to find out more please visit www.wildsurvivors.org.

Rainforest Alliance

It takes a lot of beans to supply the 10 million cups of coffee MorBeans serve every year, and we work closely with the Rainforest Alliance (RFA) to ensure that every sip of MorBeans coffee you drink is ethically sourced. This means producers for the Rainforest Alliance are sustainable, prosperous and secure partners in the global supply chain.

The Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal on MorBeans Coffee Blends promotes environmental responsibility, social equity and economic viability for farm communities. Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms meet comprehensive standards for sustainable agriculture that help protect wildlands, waterways, wildlife habitat and the rights and welfare of workers, their families and communities. By shopping for products bearing the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal, consumers can support a healthy environment and help improve the quality of life for farm families.

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